JM Privacy Policy: June 7, 2011

The following Privacy Policy incorporates the dissemination practices of J M Electric. J M Electric reserves the right to modify this policy at anytime without prior notice. If changes are made to our policy, we will modify this page accordingly.

Information Collected From Visitors

Like many websites J M Electric collects data each time our webpage is visited. The data collected will help improve the quality of the users experience by tracking which pages are more frequently visited, referring page, time of visits, duration of visits, and unique visits. The information collected is stored on our servers, only accessible by system administrators who may make that information available to J M Electric personnel for business purposes. E-mail addresses and contact information will not be sold, rented or leased to unrelated 3rd parties. We will be using Google Analytics to assist us in gathering this data and may use additional analytic companies in the future.

How the Information is Used

The information will be used to track the visitors’ referring page, time of visit, and unique visits. By tracking the referring pages, our marketing department will be able to broaden the J M Electric experience to other search engines and locations. Time of visits will allow us to track the effectiveness of our online, radio, or television advertisements.
Unique visits will enhance log-in functionality by recognizing if/when the visitor returns to our website.


Cookies are small digital signature files that are stored on your web browser to allow for preferences to be recorded while visiting our website. Cookies also allow tracking unique and return visits. There are session cookies that are deleted after you leave the site, and permanent cookies that may appear on future updates that will improve login functions when you return to the J M Electric website.

Links to Other websites:

As our website is regularly updated, there may be links to independently run websites outside our domain. J M Electric is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of such websites. We encourage you to read and follow the privacy policies of any website you visit outside of J M Electric.

J M Electric believes that maintaining and preserving the privacy of user data is an important value. This Privacy Policy, together with other policies, resolutions, and actions by J M Electric, represents a committed effort to safeguard the security of the limited user information that is collected and retained on our servers.