Alternative Energy and Backup Power Solutions
An alternative energy supply is ideal for the environmentally conscious or those who simply want to ensure an uninterrupted power supply in the event of a power outage.  There are many alternative energy systems available, and the specialists at J M Electric can help select the best system for you. 
TEGG Services
Whenever possible, you will be provided with a Designed Electrical Services® proposal that guarantees you, ahead of time, a fair and known price.   If work is done on a “Time and Material” basis, you can be assured that we will perform the highest possible quality of work at the lowest possible cost to you.

Ultra-clean natural gas and bio-fuel operated generators allow you to make your own electricity at a cheaper rate than what you may currently be buying from the utility company

Co-Generation utilizes the heat generated by microturbines to create an even more efficient energy system
Backup Generators
The most “upfront” cost-effective way to ensure power during blackouts
Solar Power
Solar panels, also known as Photovoltaic panels or “PV” panels, have become more efficient and thinner than ever before
Wind Turbines
Converting nature’s energy into electricity
UPS Systems
Giving you seamless power transition and battery back-up power to protect your sensitive computer equipment from damaging power surges and blackouts
Emergency Coverage

If you have an emergency, we will immediately respond to your need by dispatching trained specialists.  This service is available 24 hours a day for qualified customers.